About us

The club was started as a hobby in Hengelo GLD, Holland
 in February 2017

Founding members

Angelo Grigoropoulos - Athens, Greece/Paris

Private email  : angelo@parisart.net

Dagmar Vyhlasova - Prague, Czechia

Private email : dagmar@fashionreporter.tv

There is no really profound reason for starting the Single Malt Club.

We both LOVE the stuff and we would like to meet other people from around the world who share our passion.

Can you believe that in the first few days our facebook page got over 12,000 followers ?

We are here to have FUN. Of course if at one point we end up making some money as well all the better.

Join us

Why Hengelo GLD ? Why Holland ?

Hengelo GLD is in the middle of nowhere. It is horse & cow country between Vorden and Zelhem and about a 20 minute drive from Doetinchem. 

We are 30 minutes from the German border which sounds very exciting and cosmopolitan but it's not. 

We have 9 KWPN and Hanoverian dressage horses in training next door in Vorden and we visit as often as we can. THAT is the reason we picked Hengelo in addition to the fact of it being very pretty !

Our superb Hanoverian black mare Dagmar GPSH ( De Niro X Lauries Crusador XX ) beginning to train as a 3 year old. Bought as an elite foal in Verden, Germany

We know you couldn't care less, but we HAD to tell you just in case you would like to visit us.

We think Holland or Netherlands, or whatever,  is the coolest country with the coolest people.

Wit and humour are kings here and since we like to think we possess both we feel great here. 

We just wish Dutch was easier to learn ... For the moment we speak English, French, Czech, and Greek

Apart from Holland we divide our time between Paris, Prague, Athens and Mykonos

The club is open to visitors 5 months of the year. Early July to late November from noon till 7.00 pm, 7 days a week.

You are cordially invited to visit and pick your own blueberries and raspberries. Cut your own fragrant lilies, taste some malts, and savour our home made blueberry deserts. 
Email us for the exact address

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