Auction Sales

Our auction sales are very simple.

If you would like to bid on a bottle  just post your maximum bid via a private message in our facebook page , or, email us at :

There is no registration or credit card verification or anything.

You must include your full name, full address, mobile number, and email you use at PayPal.
No bid will be considered without this information.

Each day we publish on our website and facebook page the highest bid as of that day. You can always increase your bid by posting another message.

All auctions have a starting bid and some have a reserve (not visible
) which must be met before the bottle is sold. Prices are always in euros  (  Currency Converter )

All auctions end on Sunday night at midnight, Netherlands time which is GMT + 1

Central European Standard Time = UTC+1 GMT+1 
Central European Summer Time  =  UTC+2  GMT+2

Time Zone Converter. Click here

The winner is the highest bid as of Sunday midnight.

Buyer has 3 days to pay for the lot(s) won. Payment is via PayPal or bank wire. Buyer pays us and we, in turn pay the seller when lot is received by the buyer. This method makes everything smooth and secure.

Seller is notified by us that lot has been paid and has 3 days after payment is received to post the lot(s). All shipping must be done by registered mail or courier.

Needless to say a winning bidder who does not pay will be permanently banned, and black listed.

Anybody can bid. Only official members can sell.

At the moment there is no buyer's premium but soon it might be introduced.

Questions ? email us at :

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